Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Small Beginnings

MY NAME IS FAYN FATESINGER, OF THE ORDER... wait, sorry, old habit. I am indeed Fayn Fatesinger, and I listen to the fatesong of our world. Recently, the fatesong has shifted to a foreboding minor key, but faintly, somewhere, I can still hear notes of hope popping up. Following my ears, I was brought to the small village of Standing Stone, where I now watch from out of sight. There are five here whose songs foretell of great heroism to come. Fame and fortune await them on the journeys to come, but so does much hardship. To focus on the positive, I've decided to call them, the Heroes of Fortune. I have seen little so far, but so much is still in store for them.

First, I found a young Eladrin by the name Reynardine Feywind. He is the son of two members of the Arcane Inquisition, so he can't really be blamed for being, well, inquisitive. However, his curiosity has caused him to stumble into an interesting relationship with Pendon Fayne, a representative of the Zentharim (but don't let anyone know I told you). However, he seems to be putting the risky business of the Black Network aside for the time, as he travels with Lord Ingwel of Narthan to Silverymoon where Rey will begin his formal training as a wizard. He has shown talent with the arcane since a young age, using it to save his friends from dangerous beasts, and wrest control out of chaotic situations. However, he already knows that magic may not always save him, and can not replace the fine steel of a sword in your hand, so he trains in the art of combat under Lady Elebrethe. Already, he has shown himself a leader as well as a reliable source of knowledge, even if he does not always act by the most ...legal... means.

Next, I came upon an elf called Vicain Treewalker. he grew up in the wild of the woods, skirting the edge of civilization. Yet, he still learned the value of companionship, as well as the importance of connections and reputation. He worked as an entertainer, calling upon his great feats of dexterity to make a living. He also used his skills to assist Vandrin in his illicit activities. This brought him in contact with Slade the Gnome, member of a thieves guild moving into the area. He was given the Thieves Kant, and has begun learning their ways. He then met Belendil, a ranger from the Glimmerwood, that spoke of trouble back in the elves' homeland, and dangers too dark to speak of. Though rarely the first to fight, Vic is not afraid to fling himself into battle to fight alongside his friends. Though he maintains the mindset of a loner and a thief, at his heart, Vic is still fiercely loyal and a dependable ally, particularly of pretty young human females.

Mogrein Hammersmith is the man that was raised dwarves. Adopted at a young age by the Hammersmith dwarves, he learned the craft of the blacksmith, as well as the ways of dwarven culture. He approaches life with the stoic tenacity expected of the finest of dwarven warriors. As a child, he idolized the local warrior, Grom Blacktooth, who sparked his interest in fighting, before he left Standing Stone, fearing for the safety of the town he once looked after. Mo has received word from Grom recently, telling of his capture, and danger in the land to the north. Determined to become strong enough to protect his friends and village, and to save his hero, Mo has become the reluctant pupil of famous prize fighter Lornold Rollen. While he holds onto his no-bullshit attitude, he is still a righteous man, and a fighter for the forces of Good in the world.

I was drawn to what appeared to be the strangest dwarf to ever walk this land. Sporting no hair on his head or his chin, Harald Medinsk was indeed peculiar. He was a timid child, until he was thrown into hot water. During his tests to join the Order of Handerg, a giant elemental attacked, and though in the end Elder Priest Danamo died, Harry managed to harness the strength of Moradrin and his holy weapons to defeat the elemental. Though he still didn't manage to join the order, he did not falter in his journey of healing. He met with the fearsome Redguard mercenaries, and their stories of adventures in far off land. Given his father's staff and one of Handerg's old journals from Elder Priest Mordun, Harry then set out into this wild world. He has vowed against the indecision of his youth, and will use the strength of his hands to protect his loved ones and heal the wounded.

The fifth was an orphaned half-elf, Valentine DelMontagne. Slow-minded, but strong-bodied, Valentine spent his youth working on farms and doing odd jobs around the town, never part of one family. He attached himself to father Coranel and Bredonna Highhelm, the religious leaders of the town, until the Father's untimely death. He then found himself befriending the local group of Immor Barbarians, until they marched off to their runemeet, preparing for war. Tired of relying on others to guide him, Val swore an oath over the graves of his loved ones, that he will be strong in these times of peril, and will protect Standing Stone and lead the way into the uncertain future. He is not known for making the brightest of decisions, but he puts his whole heart into what he believes in.

Darkness seems to surround our unsuspecting heroes. A blight threatens the land, war looms on the horizon, dark dreams and the mysterious Xammux haunt the night, friends and allies going missing; the odds are certainly stacked against them. But these dark forces must contend with a great sword of Tempus, the strong hands of a follower of Handerg, the Hammersmith hammer, the dagger with the S mark, and the blade of the Zentharim. The Heroes of Fortune are a force to be reckoned with. And I will share their story...

-Fayn Fatesinger, Servant of the Lady of the Tower