Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Broken Blade Bandits

The heroes had a lot on their minds, and many things to talk about as the left the Moonwood to head home. But their musings were cut short when they heard voices ahead and came across a camp. Proceeding down the road, they ran in to a road block, along with several armed men bearing the insignia of a broken sword on them. It seemed the Broken Blade Bandits had decided to try and capture the next tax shipment out of Standing Stone. Valentine refuse to let bandits operate this close to his town, and decided he must fight, much to the chagrin of some of his wiser allies.

Their second attempt at combat went better than their battle with the wolves, but they still suffered many injuries. They were able to pull a victory out in the end, as Mo was able to fend of the attacks of several of the bandits at once. His group combat training seemed to come in handy as he blocked blows before he even knew they were coming. This bought time for Vic's daggers and Harry's fists to find their targets and incapacitate the remaining bandits, while Rey helped the wounded Valentine back to his feet. After the fight the living bandits were tied up, Val promised to bring them to justice in Standing Stone, while Mo promised to fix Val's bashed in helmet, and Harry attempted to fix Val's bashed in head. Meanwhile, I snuck a peek over Vic's shoulder as he found an envelope in the bandit's tent. It seems they were sent there by Slade himself.

The party escorted their prisoners back to Standing Stone and were met by the Knights in Silver collecting the tax money from the town, guarding the transport for it, and setting up to occupy the town for the time being. While some members of the group were not to happy to see the Knights in Silver (how could anyone ever hate a knight?), the Knights offered to pay them for capturing the bandits. Then it was let slip that there were barbarians in town, and the Knights went on the hunt. Most of the party quickly enacted a bold plan to try to hide their Immor friends from the Knights, while Vic inconspicuously slipped away to talk too Sarah and Bredonna about Jessika and the werewolf problem.

It was later that day that the heroes noticed that many people in town were acting strangely. They complained of nightmares and the sensation of drowning, and no one was getting much sleep. There was clearly some dark force working on the town...

Late that night Vic went to find Vandrin and warn him that Bredonna was out to find him, but Vic only found a patch of blood in the hiding place Vandrin was once at. There is clearly someone working in opposition to our dear heroes.

Reported as seen by:
Sir Fayn Fatesinger of the Knights Hospitaler
Servant of the Lady of the Tower

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