Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fury Claws of Blackclaw Hollow

An entire world of danger and mystery seems to be closing in around these young heroes. I watched as they stood around their meeting tree, knowing something must be done, they must be the ones to do it, but not what it is they can do. They wandered Standing Stone, asking for advice and where aid was needed. They got many answers, some conflicting each other, but two bits of information stood out in their minds: Vandrin Hallliday was in jail, and Jessika Brightmoon was missing. Their childhood friends needed help, and the words of Hago Hammersmith echoed in their minds, "Protect your friends and family. Make sure you have a home to come back to before you leave on an adventure."

During the night, the heroes planned a daring jail break, coordinating efforts between the five of them to get into the jail and break out Vandrin. Their mission was successful, but there was an unexpected surprise. During the jail break, the alarm was sounded, a large beast ran from the woods into the Blackstag Inn, and killed younf Danny Blackstag in the middle of the night, before escaping back into the forest.

In the morning, the heroes followed the beast, led by Vic's well-practiced tracking ability. The prints of a huge wolf led them to the Miller farmstead, where they found another victim, Fran Miller, who lived but was infected with what Harry identified as Lycanthropy. From my high vantage point I could see that our heroes were heading for danger if they continued this path, but it is my duty to observe and not to interfere with the workings of fate.

Deep in the woods, the heroes were ambushed by a pack of wolves. As the wolves bit and tore at them, the fight seemed to be going poorly, they were in a lot of danger. Luckily, Rey summoned up powerful arcane magic he learned in Silverymoon and incapacitated some of the wolves with a Sleep spell, allowing the heroes to turn the tide of the battle.

Progressing deeper into the forest, the heroes found them selves in the Moonwood, and stealthily approached sounds they had heard. They found a group of werewolves, their hunt seemed to be nearing its end. And in the middle of the werewolves chained down, was Jessika Brightmoon, they had found their missing friend as well!

They were not attacked by the werewolves, but were approached by Greymane, the alpha-wolf. Harry tried to reason with the alpha for the release of his dear friend, but learned a terrible truth. The werewolf that had attacked Danny and Fran was in fact Jessika. She was not powerful enough to control her werewolf form and had been too close to town during her transformation. Greymane told them that she was to fight him in a trial by combat in one month for the crime she had committed. The Furyclaw Werewolves had long lived in Blackclaw Hollow under an agreement with Father Coranel that they would not attack anyone from the village.

The party was forced to leave Blackclaw Hollow empty handed and unsure of how to progress, but they were still determined to save the life of Jessika, whatever it took. And while they were at it, they would try to find a cure for Lycanthropy to save Fran Miller before it was too late.

Dutifully Reported by:
Sir Fayn Fatesinger of the Knights  Hospitaler
Servant of the Lady of the Tower

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